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We seeks to affirm the diversity of ethnicity, body type, and socioeconomic level. We do so through innovative design, resonate branding, and unwavering attention to detail.

At VIBES BASE ENTERPRISES, innovation is our passion. We constantly strive to be ahead of the trend and we love what we do. We craft brands that deeply identify with our diverse customer base at their most visceral levels, igniting aspiration for our trendsetting fashion and loyalty through our community and corporate commitments.

VIBES BASE ENTERPRISES cuts through to the most fundamental psyche and cultural needs of our customers through trusted, innovative in-house tactics and research. Today, we design, develop, manufacture and market a growing collection of brands that engage a broad range of consumer lifestyles: Poetic Justice, Standards and Practices, Level 7, Halladay, Sweet Vibes, and Vibes Gold Label.

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