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How one company is transforming the future of the business of fashion and reducing the risk for retailers.

American fashion is about culture. It’s edgy and creative. Right now, it changes so quickly because of the nation’s diversity. America is bold and willing to change.


After 2006, social media boomed, and fast fashion retailers grew in popularity after several companies opened US locations, targeting the trendy, the young, and the not-quite-rich-not-quite-broke. How do retailers keep up and compete?

The overall impact of emerging technologies on the fashion industry has been exponentially growing at a rapid rate. Between social media, the dawn of fashion bloggers, and ecommerce, the digital universe has become not only a non-negotiable space for businesses, but also has had a  profound impact on the taste levels of their consumers. Everyday people have become influencers, cultivating a new aesthetic among high-end brands, while high-end brands have continuously resorted to collaborating with mid-level retailers on divergence labels to create relevancy among the masses. This flattening and melding of taste levels has sped up change and made it critical to being able to keep your finger on the pulse of both the needs and aspirations of the culture at every level.

Also, because of the fast fashion boom, the customer has individualized her approach to fashion. She personalizes how and what she wears. Fashion and style are paramount, eliminating old cookie-cutter pieces. There is an absence of dominate iconic brands.

Vibes Base Enterprises boasts a full in-house design team that studies the customers, monitors the trends, masters fit, and creates stylish merchandise that meets the demand for a range of sizes and price points. They marry this with an innovative approach to sales and distribution, and it’s this marriage of art and technology, of inspiration and practicality, that makes them unique.

“If you have the operational capabilities but not the product that customer wants, it won’t work. You have to give her what she wants.... fast,” says Steve Hagstrom, General Manager of VIBES BASE ENTERPRISES. “As the fashion changes, the focus on the “ultimate end-use” consumer is always our constant, first priority. Our technology and revolutionary method of delivery have enabled us to adapt to the changing times to make our product competitive. This unique business model supports the modern retailer’s sales channel, solving the pain points for both the customer and the retailer,”

This allows the company to focus on those customers that are often ignored and underserved like curvy body types, lower price point apparel, or the plus-size market.

“This is the business of the future,” says VIBES BASE ENTERPRISES CEO Petersen Zhu, “We have our own designers, manufacturing, sales content creators, and distributors. This process allows us to respond faster to trends in the market with an ever-shortened lead time and greater product diversity. Cutting out the middle man helps create speed to keep up with the fashion competitors without scarifying quality and minimizing both the financial liabilities and the risk for our retail and e-tail partners.”

Customers have gone from shopping through the racks of brick-and-mortar to more frequent shopping from the comfort of their beds on a smartphone or a laptop. VIBES BASE ENTERPRISES positioned its business to take advantage of the way customers want to shop today.

By making it actually easier to buy their branded product, this company helps the retailer along the way. While many companies supply wholesale services, that’s only half of the process. They make the product and then the retailer has to buy it, which increases the risk for them. While at one time a retailer would have to take the risk of financially committing to inventory over 6 months in advance (an even more daunting process for stores looking to sell higher-risk inventory like plus sizes.) By VIBES BASE ENTERPRISES digitizing their drop ship capabilities, they provide a simpler and better experience. This model reduces the risk and liability for the e-tailer by providing everything they need to put the shippable products on their online store in less than a week. 

From traditional brick-and-mortar to computers, tablets, and smartphones, we at VIBES BASE ENTERPRISES have positioned our business to take advantage of the way customers want to shop today. Adapting is critical to the survival of anything.  You can either allow change to master your fate, or you can master your fate by adapting to the change. They don’t merely supply a full assortment of products but we also manage the entire process of delivering products that the consumer wants based on the way the customer wants to shop.  VIBESBASE also handles the majority of the marketing and supply all of the optimized content for online stores. Only a handful of companies currently have the ability to cater to the customers with branded fashion apparel that we do and serve the vendors in this way. Speed to market is what makes the VIBESBASE model the wave of the future.

We apply this groundbreaking process of meeting the customer where they shop for each of the major market segments we serve. 


Adaptation is the key to survival for any business, but innovation is the key to thriving. From factory floor to customer door, VIBES BASE ENTERPRISES is sparking a retail revolution one pretty package at a time.

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