Poetic Justice® is made for your shape, not just your size,

because everyday brands are not doing your body justice.

Poetic Justice® is a brand deeply rooted in denim designed to fit curvy body types, specifically women who have a smaller natural waist with shapely hips, thighs, and/or backsides. Stylish jeans for women who suffer from the dreaded “back-gaps” found in ordinary jeans. We see the struggle and we're here to help. for sizes 4-24, we have entered both a fit solution and distinctive lifestyle brand that transitions effortlessly from the streets to the boardroom. As we developed into a full-fledged fashion brand offering modern, unique tops and dresses, we also expanded our involvement and commitment to the African-American community, our primary customer via our philanthropic efforts and brand identity.

"You can't love the curves if you don't

know the curves"

Tiffany Reese, Lead Designer

Our jeans were designed with higher back rises, highly customized patterns, and proprietary fabrics.

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