Sweet Vibes® is the uniform of the young, expressive and irrepressible.

A little sister line with soul.

Sweet Vibes® caters to teens who may have a little too much shape for traditional jeans, but are looking for a vibe that suits their tastes. This casual fashion brand merges the individuality of urban retro punk and the graphic artistry of the Instagram generation. She’s a unique kind of girl, and unique is in. This is avant garde lifestyle brand aims to celebrate her originality and culture. #SELFIEWORTHY

"We as young people value simpler and happier times. That's why we take the parts of the past that were happiest and idealize them." - Harriet, 24, Art & Video Intern

"Young people want to find their own uniqueness and voice. The best way to discover and express oneself is through fashion."

Celia Truong, Assistant Brand Marketing Manager

Our fun and funky pieces are intentionally designed for girls who want to make a statement of individuality and explore their fashion choices with playful details, prints, and colors. Cool retro silhouettes provide an option that is unique yet tried-and-true. There's no better way to express individuality and make a statement than with fashion.

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