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Vibes Base Partnership Story -
Creating an opportunity for an actress to expand her brand, and for our fashion line to personify its values to better resonate with our audience after a re-branding.

Poetic Justice® presents The Vivica Fox Collection

The Line & The Product
Poetic Justice® is a fashion line created specifically for curvy women of color. The label has strong roots in denim and urbanwear, but as the brand’s target demographic grew and developed a new lifestyle, the label also needed to grow to reflect that lifestyle. With a need for a more sophisticated look and blatant high quality, the line needed a face that would draw attention to this elevation, but wouldn’t alienate its established customer base.

The Icon

Vivica A. Fox, a household name, launched her career in movies catering to the African-American community in the 90s with cultural classics such as Soul Food, Two Can Play That Game, and Set It Off. Her roles helped establish her as an uber-feminine yet down-to-earth persona, making her an ideal match for the goals of Poetic Justice®. As Fox was expanding her brand into products for women, fashion was an authentic and natural off-shoot for her as well.

The Launch
To kick off the collaboration, VIBES BASE ENTERPRISES invited and hosted celebrities such as Tammy Townsend and Obba Babbatunde and Top Fashion Bloggers such as Essie Golden and Chasity Garner of Garner Style to The Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, CA on May 25, 2016, at 6 pm. The event featured a signature cocktail, red carpet, and fabulous swag bags to bookend the night’s fashion show and an exclusive interview between the lead designer of the collection and Vivica A. Fox.  The night culminated with an exclusive preview of a tracksuit collection, specifically conceived by and for Vivica A. Fox.

The Engagement
Fashion bloggers were not the only way this collaboration reached the public. To create a buzz and authentic engagement with the customers, The Vivica A. Fox Collection by Poetic Justice® utilized fresh approaches such as video, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Customers got to see sneak previews of the product each season through Snapchat, even occasionally being able to communicate directly with Vivica herself one-on-one. This created not only interested customers but deeply engaged repeat customers and brand ambassadors as each season’s product selection were revealed.  The brand also utilized viral contests to spread the word, and build a new database for the collection, partnering with popular hot businesses like OnyxBox, SoulSwipe, Blavity, and Myavanna.

Welcome to the Future of Celebrity Partnerships
The Vivica A. Fox Collection by Poetic Justice® proved to be not only a successful collaboration but one that helped transform what celebrity collaboration could and should mean. Rather than resorting to making the celebrity icon merely talent, and a spokesperson. Poetic Justice® partnered with Vivica A. Fox to cater to the customer and serve their needs.

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